Save A Sato is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to easing the suffering of Puerto Rico's homeless and abused animals. "Sato" is slang for street dog. We rescue Satos from the streets and beaches, give them medical care, food and shelter, and plenty of love. When they are healthy, we send them to one of our shelter partners for adoption into loving homes. For more information, please read our Mission Statement.

We are an all volunteer organization on San Juan, Puerto Rico. We don't receive help or money from any goverment agency. From time to time, we receive help from some companies and volunteers that visit the shelter. Are you wondering how do we survive and keep saving lives of dogs and cats on the streets through the year? -With effort and with the help of wonderful people like you! Here are some ways, to help us keep saving Satos!


  •  There are many opportunities to help Satos through volunteering. Something everyone can do is share the story of the satos - tell your friends and family about all of the wonderful satos waiting for their forever homes and direct them to our website to learn more!
  • Print and post flyers - English Version Spanish Version
  • Help us spread the word by printing out our flyer and posting it on community bulletin boards at you vet, doggy daycare, pet store or anywhere else public flyers are allowed!
  • No time to volunteer? Consider making a donation to our organization, or sending some of the many needed supplies we use on a daily basis.

At the Shelter -

  • Photographer - Help the satos find their forever homes! All you need is a digital camera to help! We need volunteers to photograph the satos at the shelter for thier PetFinder profiles.    
  • Grooming - Give a bath, trim nails or blow dry a sato!
  • Sato Chef - Help prepare the food and feed the dogs.
  • Cage cleaning - There is plenty of oppurtunity to help clean the sato living quarters.

Around Town -

  • Newspapers - Collect and delivery newspaper for use to line the kennels. *Urgently needed*
  • Airport - Assist the shelter staff in transporting the satos to the airport - approximately once a month.
  • Donations - Visit area businesses to pick up donations for the shelter.
  • Transport - Pick up satos in need around the island and bring them to the shelter.


Special wish list items for the shelter -

  • Newspaper- We go through a lot of newspaper, to provide maximum comfort to the satos on their cages.
  • Tarps - We use large heavy duty tarps as protection from the elements, and they are in need of replacement. New and gentle used tarps would be very much appreciated!
  • Gift Cards- We are so grateful to receive gift cards to local merchants so that we can purchase the items that are in greatest need. We would appreciate gift cards in any amount from:


  1.     Petsmart - - Dog food, cleaning and general supplies.   
  2.     Sam's Club - - Dog food, cleaning and general supplies.
  3.     Costco - - Dog food, cleaning and general supplies.
  4.     Walmart - - Cleaning and general supplies.
  5.     Walgreens - - Pharmacy and general supplies.
  6.     Kmart - - Cleaning and general supplies.
  7.     Home Depot - - Kennel repair supplies and tarps.

You can buy this giftcards also on your local near store and mail it to:

Save A Sato Foundation
P.O box 37694
San Juan, P.R

Save a Sato uses a variety of supplies and equipment to properly care for our animals every day. Below is our wish list of medical and other supplies. We use most of these supplies on a daily basis and always need them. You can print out out this page in spanish or english and take it with you to choose a special donation for the satos or you can shop from the comfort of your home and send much needed supplies to Save a Sato by using our Amazon Wish List!



Do you wish to buy us Supplies and mail them directly to the shelter? Please ship all supplies to -

Save a Sato Foundation
c/o Gloria Marti
Parcelas Falu
#459 C Calle 35
San Juan, PR 00924

This is our most needed supplies for the shelter:

Dog Food -

    Pedigree® Canned dog food - Adult formula
    Pedigree® Dry dog food - Adult formula
    Pedigree® Dry dog food - Puppy Formula

Cleaning and Shelter Supplies -

    Clorox® Bleach
    Garbage Bags (50 gallon size)
    Disposable latex gloves - Size Large
    Laundry Detergent
    Dish washing soap
    Zip top bags (all sizes)
    Cotton swaps (Q-tips®)
    Yellow legal pads (for use at Rehab center)
    Bath towels (new and used)
    Wash cloths (new and used)
    Cotton or percale sheets - (new and used, preferably "flat" not "fitted", any size)
    Thick or sturdy cleaning rags (new or used)

Toys and Treats -

    Kongs® - this famous dog toy is great for dogs in quarantine or isolation.
    Vinyl or rubber dog toys
    Machine washable stuffed toys
    Chewable and easily digested treats such as nylabones, dentabones or vet type dental chews - (no cheweez or rawhides please)

Kennel Supplies -

    Airline kennels- Intermediate, L, and XL sizes (new and used)
    Plastic tie wraps (or cable ties, often found in electrical department, all sizes)
    Stainless steel, large tip-proof, skid-proof water bowls
    Stainless steel water buckets/pails in 6 & 9 qt sizes with handles (the kind with one flat side is preferred to hang against the chain link fence in the dog runs.)
    Leashes (no chain or metal) all lengths
    Dog collars in sizes XS, S, and M. (preferably clasp type, not buckle, no chain or metal collars.)
    Harnesses in sizes XS, S and M.

Medical Supplies -

    Miconazole nitrate-4% - Monistat® 3-day treatment (to treat skin fungus)
    Miconazole shampoo - (This is technically for people, but it works great for treating skin fungus on dogs.)
    OmegaDerm® nutritional supplement liquid
    Hartz® 2 in 1 flea shampoo & also flea powder
    Benadryl® (children’s flavored liquid or regular tablets – allergy formula only)
    Triple Antibiotic cream or ointment (Neosporin®)
    Nutrical® or equivalent
    1cc and 3cc syringes

Veterinary Supplies -


You may print our Veterinary Supplies Wish List:

English Version Spanish Version

Desperately Needed -

    Preventic®/Tick Arrest collars (active ingredient Armitraz)
    Frontline® SPRAY
    Ottomax/Malotic or generic equivalent
    Opthalmic ointments (non-cortisone)
    3V caps or derm caps
    IDEXX® labs snap tests for heartworm/erlichia/lyme

Always Needed -

    Amoxycillin 50, 250 & 500 mg (or powder form for puppies)
    Clavamox® (Augmentin) 250 or 500 mg
    Cephalexin 50mg caps; 250 or 500 mg caps
    Doxycycline 50 or 100 mg
    Albon (liquid or caps)
    Metronidazole (also known as Flagyl, Metril Protostat; the one labeled "for fish" can also be used)

Deworming -

    Pyrantel or Anthelban
    Ivermectin 1% clear liquid (available at feed stores)
    Albon (liquid or caps)

Flea/Tick Skin Treatments -

    Paramite dip
    Prevenctic®/tick Arrest collars
    Frontline® spray
    Revolution® caps
    Lym Dip
    Lytar shampoo
    Chlorhexiderm 4% shampoo
    Derm caps/3Vcaps
    Omegaderm Liquid

Other Veterinary Supplies -

    IDEXX® labs heartworm/erlichia/lyme snap test
    Ear cleansing solution
    Ottomax, Malotic, ear ointments/opthtalmic ointments
    Rimadil® tablets (for arthritic/muscle pain)
    Nutrical® or equivalent
    Vaccines: Bordetella, DHLPP (e-mail us for details)
    Roccal Disinfectant

Note: When sending supplies, please include an itemized list with your name and address (you can print out and use the shopping list above). If you are sending liquids or sprays, please seal the cap securely with tape and place the item in a leak-proof bag.