Save A Sato is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to easing the suffering of Puerto Rico's homeless and abused animals. "Sato" is slang for street dog. We rescue Satos from the streets and beaches, give them medical care, food and shelter, and plenty of love. When they are healthy, we send them to one of our shelter partners for adoption into loving homes. For more information, please read our Mission Statement.

Save A Sato would like to thanks and recognize, Mr Rafael Rivera Marti (Municipal police sergeant) officer Gonzalez #1446 and officer Gonzalez #1511 from the municipal police of Montehiedra for the rescue of Rafaela! (Named after the sergeant) She is right now spending the night at the S.A.S shelter and tomorrow she will be visiting a vet for evaluation, she was found anemic, and bleeding through her skin. At the time of the rescue, she was wearing a collar, meaning this, that once she had an owner, and was abandoned, maybe for her sickness. Thanks to this 3 officers for this rescue. Rafaela now, wont die on the streets

Latest News from the Shelter

"It has been exactly a year since Argos (sato formerly known as Tuki) came from San Juan and started a new life. He went from being a caged dog to a well-loved boy. Don't get me wrong, he was loved for by Gloria and all the volunteers at Save a Sato but there are so many homeless and helpless animals in Puerto Rico and there are not enough great people like Gloria and the volunteers, such as Penelope, to give the love that an animal needs and deserves. Ironically, today I am returning from San Juan with his grandma and I look forward to seeing him.

If you have room in your home, please adopt a pet from a shelter. Save a Sato has wonderful dogs and cats that need a furever home. Since it is the time of giving, please donate whatever you can to Save a Sato or to your favorite rescue.
Thank you".

Thank you Paul and Glenn for giving this sweet boy an amazing life!

Latest Update on Chloe

  Laurie and I wanted to update you on the voyages of Chloe, our adorable Sato who we adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter, MA six years ago. After enriching our lives in suburban New York she has recently embarked on a new adventure as we have all moved to Hong Kong for several years. After a bit of jetlag she now loves accompanying us on long hikes across the many beautiful trails here and in The New Territories. She has also learned to swim and she is slowly learning to speak to all the Chinese dogs she plays with on the beach. Peter Ling

Latest News from the Shelter

 This was an amazing rescue! Meet Bella, this little one was rescued about 4 months ago living in awful conditions beside a hot dog cart. Nobody would even look at her. But God is always watching over the ones in need and all the way from New York, and a past adopter from us, who was visiting the island saw her and it broke his heart...he called us and of course we took her in. Alberto and Jill send medicines and everything she needed to get her back in shape, with the promise that once she was ready she will fly back to NY in search for her new forever home. The day has come and tomorrow little Bella would be traveling to NY to a great and beautiful life.

We want to thank everyone that help us, Alberto and Jill and also Jessica, the wonderful foster home that took her in for all this months, she could have not done it without you. Have a safe trip little one! your new life will begin tomorrow!

Naomi and Abby Chrystal had made survival bracelets over the summer and decided after their trip to Puerto Rico last year that they would like to sell the bracelets to raise money for Save-a-Sato. They did just that and since we were going back to Puerto Rico, they decided to donate the money they raised, in person. They were so excited to visit the shelter and make their much so that they want to continue to raise money for the shelter. Thank you! We are so proud!

Save A Sato foundation say YES to spay and neuter our dogs! join us in this effort a visit your vet, spay or neuter your pet! help us stop the overpopulation of animal in Puerto Rico.

Latest news from the shelter


During a Police intervention, the owner of this dog was arrested, without a possibility, to be out. A volunteer was called to take Marcus away, because the police did not wanted to give him to the local dog pound, to end up euthanized. Save A Sato is now taking care of Marcus, and after a vet visit, a bullet was found on his neck! Some neighbors told us that the owner shot him! Marcus is going to surgery now, we need help to pay for his operation. Visit our main page if you would like to help us!

Latest News from the shelter

Olaf was seriously injured. Apparently a car hit him and dragged him. He has his right leg with a bandaged due to that his missing some skin. He also has a dislocated hip and needs surgery. He already receive first aid but we still need to collect for the cost of surgery $475.00. Beside this case we have an acount that is over $16,000.00 in Avian and Small Animal Hospital that is pending, we need your help to keep rescuing more animals. Visit us at for donations via paypal

2016 has been hard!

Friends, this 2016 has been hard!! Our rescues has increased like never before, 20 or more every months. The economical crisis in Puerto Rico has been the cause of this. Every week hundred of families are leaving the country to get a better opportunity in life, but sadly most of them are leaving their dogs and cats behind. We continue our efforts every day to save all these pets from the streets, please help us in any way you can! donate to our Paypal, visit our country and rescue a dog! check our Facebook page and follow us, so you can read everything thats happening on Save A Sato and also get information on how to adopt from our partners shelter in the U.S.A. 

More pics at our Facebook page!!