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After hurricane Maria, we have been looking for ways to raise money to keep helping our satos on their recovery, and thanks to the collaboration of the Fun Dogs Bandana Co and Amy Waara, we received a big donation of  Custom Made Bandanas with our logo to begin again with our store.


We will keep adding later other items, so don't forget to keep visiting our little shop! 


Remember!! sometimes ONE is not enough for you stylish dog or cat, so don't be shy buying, you will love them!


Our bandanas are 22 inches long, side to side, one size fits all, so they are good for small breeds and BIG BIG dogs!

 * the shipping is already included on the price, we will process most of the orders on fridays and send it trough u.s.p.s*


For an elegant evening, what is better than wearing this Black Bandana.... this bandana will show how elegant and stylish your dog is.....




Are you a wild girl? or a hipster guy? show it to the world by wearing this hot pink bandana!!!



The red color has dozens of meanings, depending of the point of view of who watches it or wear it, wear the color of love, of fire, of passion, of intensity, be bold, be brave, be free!!



They say that roses are red, violets are, is the ocean, blue, the sky blue and Im blue, dabadi daba dieeeee, dabadeee dabadadieee..... if you remember that song you should buy this bandana!!