The Sato Shop


Welcome to the Sato Shop, an online store created by the Save A Sato foundation to raise money and help save homeless dogs and cats from the streets of Puerto Rico. By shopping at the Sato Shop, you can contribute to this important cause and make a difference in the lives of these animals.

Your purchases will help fund vital programs and services for homeless pets, such as spay and neuter surgeries, medical care, and vaccinations. With enough funding, the foundation can also provide temporary shelter and foster care for pets in need, as well as support and education for pet owners.

In addition to saving the lives of individual animals, the Save A Sato foundation also works to address the root causes of pet homelessness and promote animal welfare in the community. With your support, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of dogs and cats in Puerto Rico. Thank you for considering a purchase from the Sato Shop. Together, we can make a difference for these deserving pets.



Show the world that you are a very special mom


Rescue them is your passion! Be proud, because you rescued your furry friend and you are giving him or her a better life!


...and it's a full time job to keep them happy! Let them know!


Cat Moms will be delighted with this beautiful tumbler all wrapped around with cats, paws and a big CAT MOM phrase in the middle!


If they could talk, they would tell it to you a thousand times...a day!


  This edition with our Sato Love Logo is perfect for Gato lovers!! Because we care and provide for cats too, we looked for a way to represent them too! Get as many as you can! We have a lot of gatos too to feed and care!

$30 + shipping





 From the island of the endless summer and the satos! we bring you our 3rd edition of tumblers, inspired by our Save A Sato logo and our tropical island of Puerto Rico. This beautiful design was handcrafted by local tattoo and NFT artist Albertakau and the looks and the colors are so cool! dont miss the chance to get one before they are all gone!

$35 + shipping






Puerto Rico, the island of the satos! and our original Blue logo for the first time in a Tumbler!





And here comes our first coffee mug designed by local artist Albertakau for the satos! This elegant mug comes with the beautiful flag of Puerto Rico the home of the satos and a little beach theme to keep it tropical! Like our satos and our island! 

$12 + shipping

(in order to make sure that you receive this item securely and in good shape we have added a small shipping fee of $6)





And here comes our second coffee mug designed by local artist Albertakau for the satos! This elegant mug features our sato dog, having fun in a beach, with an important message to display!

$12 + shipping

(in order to make sure that you receive this item securely and in good shape we have added a small shipping fee of $6)




Please allow us 8 to 12 days for your order to be delivered! All this items are handcrafted at the time of order, made and shipped carefully with love! in order to lower the price of the confection to benefit the satos, they will be shipped by regular mail. Be advised that these tumblers are handcrafted and its better to wash them by hand only, do not soak and avoid dishwashers, microwaves and avoid extreme temps. As any handmade items there will be minor imperfections, but they will not affect the quality of the cup! Thank your for helping the satos with your purchase!