Welcome to the Save A Sato Webpage! Home of the satos of Puerto Rico!


We are working on building a new website, so in a couple of days, come back and visit us!

In the meantime, don't forget to keep helping our satos with your donations! Its the only way we can keep rescuing and rehabilitating the homeless dogs and cats of Puerto Rico. Visit www.facebook.com/saveasato to keep updated about everything we do every day.

If you wish to help us by Paypal, just click the image and donate. A 100% of your donations goes directly to help our dogs on the Shelter of Miracles in San Juan from Save A Sato and to our cats in Gatolandia also from Save A Sato. We are a humble organization without any help from the goverment, we keep going and working thanks to the help of volunteers and your donations!

Want to donate with a check, o a gift card, or do you want to send us supplies for the satos or just write us and say hi (like the old days) Send us a letter to P.O Box 37694, San Juan PR 00936

**P.S> Gloria likes to receive updates of adopted satos and pictures!