We at Save A Sato try to do everything possible in our hands to help our community and anyone seeking help or advice. As you know, we are an organization run by volunteers who donate their time to help our cause. If you need to reach us, contact us via our Facebook page or email us at
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We will get back at you a soon as possible.

Please remember that we rescue and rehabilitate homeless dogs from the streets of our island. We will not accept pets or the offspring of your pets. Please help us solve the overpopulation crisis in Puerto Rico and spay or neuter your pet.

We are located in San Juan at the north of the island. As much as we want to help every dog and cat, we don’t have the resources to travel to the east, south or west to rescue an animal. Please help with this task and if you see a homeless dog give him some food, some water, even shelter for a day. We have wonderful organizations all around PR who are also willing to help, contact them. But please don’t look the other way. You can become an hero and save a sato too!

If Steve-O did it! you can too!

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