We at Save A Sato, try to do everything possible in our hands, to help our community and anyone seeking for help and/or advice. We run the shelter almost 24/7 without days off and now even more since hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. As you know, we are a humble organization run by volunteers who donate their time to help. We don't have an office or a fancy administrative team with phone lines, faxes and laptops computers, monitoring emails, comments and mentions  on social media all day long.

Most of our emails and comments on social media are read late at night, on spare time, after volunteers has finished with their real jobs, families and duties. Gloria, our president, spent all day on the shelter and at night feeding dogs and cats on the streets of P.R sometimes until midnight.

Please be patient. We will get back at you a soon as possible visit our Facebook page and leave a comment and we will read it or email us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please remember that we rescue and rehabilitate homeless dogs from the streets of our island. We do not pick up dogs from houses, we do not receive dogs from people who want to get rid of them or puppies that you do not want because you did not spay your dog and now you can not find them a home or not want to find them a new home. We are human beings too, and this is a hard job. Be responsible

We are located on San Juan at the north of the island, as much as we try to help every dog and cat from the streets, is impossible for us to go to the south, or the east of the island or drive 4 hours to rescue an animal. Please help us on this task and if you see a homeless dog, far far away from San Juan, give him some food, some water, even shelter for a day. We have wonderful organizations all around PR who are also willing to help, Contact them, maybe later we can get in contact with that other organization and help or transfer the rescue to our shelter! But do not look to the other way and try to help as much as you can! You can become an hero and save a sato too!

If Steve-O did it! you can too!

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